Sep 302013

Today , I want to build redundant system by using this topology. I have 2 Switches and 2 Load Balancer (Member-1 and Member 2). The Load Balancers are connected to Many Web Servers. The Hard part is how to connect 2 Switches to 1 Load balancers and make the cable redundant for another cable. My Load Balancer’s OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS , so i choose ifenslave to do Link Aggregation.



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Jul 082013

MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a tool for monitor network status. Also it can monitor system status.

This Article applied MRTG to use for The most Web Server. This setting have 10 graphs as the following list.


MRTG Graphs in this installation.

1. CPU Usage

2. Memory Usage.

3. Swap Memory Usage

4. Process Statistics

5. Disk Usage on each partition.

6. I/O Transactions

7. Disk Utillization on each HDDs.

8. Traffic Stats (without SNMP)

9. Network stats (SYNC and TIMEWAIT)

10. Concurrent Connections

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Jun 292013

LVS-DR is a solution for build a servers farm with load balancers and fault torrance.

When packet come from internet. It will come to gateway first. Then LVS will sent it to Web Server in an array by broadcast in internal network. Afterthat The web server will receive reques and connect to clients directly.

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Jun 272013

This article is just a guide to compile  NGINX + php-fpm with Mysql And Memcached from source.  Compiling core software of the service will gain performance benefit. Building and using a custom software will make it faster than pre-compile package from apt-get. I did Benchmark and found it get around 20% faster. My Web Server does run NGINX + php-fpm with Mysql And Memcached. It’s will be serve for a website that one of the highest traffic site in my country. I think this Practice can be widely used for the most Websites on Internet.

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